Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrift Karma

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen this bag and the one it's replacing. It's a sad story!

I found an adorable vintage satchel bag at Goodwill two days ago, and fell in love with it. Even though it had some wear and wasn't real leather (that goes against my Thrift Rules), I decided to take it home. And we had a wonderful time, until...

IT STARTED TO MELT IN THE HEAT. Yes, that's right! The fake leather simply could not handle the heat of sitting in the sun in my car, and when I got to work, it fell apart. Usually, I would shed a small tear, but not this time...

Because I decided to cheer myself up with a return to my favorite Goodwill. It was there I found this gem just moments after it was placed on the shelves. I noticed the shape of the bag and that signature lock, and before I knew it I had my hands on an authentic Coach bag, mistakenly placed with the non-designer bags and therefore priced at $2.99. Score!

Well, I can't be too upset about that, now can I?

ps. Does anyone want an adorable handbag that melts in the sun? Anyone? *sigh*

Here's the (adorable) melty offender before it met its unfortunate demise in the sun...

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